The Rising Sun’s Finest Drams: Unveiling Japan’s Premier Whiskies

Japan’s Premier Whiskies has experienced an unprecedented global resurgence over recent years and distillers must adapt quickly in order to keep up with the increasing global demand for this classic spirit. This bottle demonstrates how innovation and tradition can go hand-in-hand, all the way down the bottleneck

Aged in second-hand bourbon casks and sherry barrels, this whisky offers bold flavors of vanilla, wildflower honey, and milk chocolate – making it the ideal accompaniment for cocktails! Sip alone or mix into cocktails!

Yamazaki 18 Years Old

Yamazaki 18 Years Old Whilst this award-winning single malt whisky may be one of the more complex varieties available today, all whisky enthusiasts should add Yamazaki 18 Years Old Single Malt to their cellar as soon as they can! Smooth yet full of mature fruit flavors; its deep amber color reminiscent of sherry casks; with notes of vanilla, raisin, blackberry jam, and dark chocolate all add up for one delicious whisky experience! A complex mixture of malt, fruit and smoke all in one!

Suntory’s flagship whisky, Yamazaki 18 Year Old has earned international renown. Recognized by Whisky Advocate as the Best Japanese Single Malt at their World Whiskies Awards, this blend ages for 18 years in sherry barrels alongside American oak and Mizunara oak to produce an elegant yet balanced flavor profile.

Whisky Advocate awarded it an impressive score of 93/100, placing it among one of the finest single malts available. Enjoy this whisky straight up or with water. Perfect food pairing options include desserts made with dark chocolate as well as BBQ ribs!

Japan's Premier Whiskies

Since 1899 when Suntory was established, Yamazaki Single Malt Whisky has been produced in Japan by its iconic distillery with the same name. Today the house is managed by descendants of founder Shinjiro Toriy and overseen by fifth-generation Chief Blender Shinji Fukuyo; third-generation Master Blenders Shingo Toriy and Keizo Saji; as well as second Master Blender Keizo Saji.

Suntory Distillation’s Sherry Bourbon Mizunara Oak Cask Aged Whisky stands as a testament to Japanese distillation’s versatility, showing how one single malt base can yield various expressions with proper maturation techniques. The end product of all this hard work is this tantalizing blend, full of sweet fruity notes balanced by the woody smokiness and sherried peel notes for an exceptional whisky that is unique but accessible at the same time. This exquisite whisky stands as proof that Suntory can create various expressions from single malt distillation techniques!

Hibiki 21 Years Old

Hibiki 21 Years Old from Suntory represents their masterful range of blended whiskies. Hibiki, meaning resonance in Japanese, refers to this delicate blending process where each whisky selected carefully is combined together in harmony to produce harmony among them all.

Hibiki 21-Year Old is Hibiki’s flagship expression and represents their dedication to their craft as they source malt whiskies from Suntory distilleries across Japan for this blend. Achieved through careful aging in American oak barrels and European Mizunara barrels over 21 years. Hibiki’s 21-Year-Old pays a noble ode to Japanese whisky as an expression of respect towards their craft while simultaneously being an incredible drink in its own right.

Japanese whiskey offers an extremely well-balanced spirit that can be enjoyed either neat or mixed into cocktails, making it the ideal choice for people looking for subtle yet smooth characteristics without opting for fuller-bodied Scotch-style whisky which tends to come with higher alcohol contents.

Hibiki bottles are exquisite works of design. Crafted of glass cut into 24 facets to symbolize each season of Japan’s traditional calendar, their labels bear Mount Fuji as an enduring icon of Japanese culture and heritage.

Japan's Premier Whiskies

This whisky features an exquisite combination of rich creaminess with vanilla notes. Its complexity lies within its balanced blend of sandalwood, sherry caramelized nuts apricots, and banana flavors; making for an inviting finish perfect for relaxing after meals.

Hibiki Japanese Whisky is an exceptional selection for anyone who appreciates Japanese-style whisky, offering both rich flavor and exceptional value for the extra cost. Not only is its taste fantastic on its own or with desserts – Hibiki pairs particularly well with blue cheeses with bloomy rinds!

Hibiki Whisky has won numerous accolades over time, such as being named Best Blended Whisky at this year’s World Whiskies Awards 2017. Celebrities love Hibiki too – such as Bill Murray who featured this whisky prominently in Lost In Translation.

Nikka Taketsuru 17-Year-Old

Nikka Taketsuru 17-Year-Old has won multiple awards from around the globe, such as World’s Best Blended Malt Whisky several times. A fruity blend from Yoichi Distillery and Miyagikyo Distilleries. Masataka Taktsuru studied distilling techniques in Scotland before returning home and building Japan’s inaugural malt whiskey distillery; his student whiskies mature in sherry casks for at least seventeen years prior to being vatted together to form something both strong and smooth with plenty of flavors!

The nose is fruity and fresh with notes of berry salad, plantains, and sultanas as well as vanilla and fragrant wood notes. On the palate it has subtle pepper notes with some cocoa notes for balance; finally, it finishes medium long with oak, cocoa, and fruit flavors lingering behind.

Japan's Premier Whiskies

Nikka Blended Malt Whisky Club members can now also enjoy Taketsuru at cask strength for added versatility and pleasure! As with its other blends, this smooth whisky can also make an excellent accompaniment for cocktails and sipping neat or on the rocks.

Nikka Yoichi Single Malt stands as an outstanding representative of its brand’s excellence and one of its signature whiskies. Since 2001, its 10-Year-Old has received multiple accolades including winning an in-blind tasting competition where many high-end single malts competed head-on against its outstanding tasting profile. Unfortunately, Yoichi Whiskies discontinued making age-statement whiskies in 2015 but recently announced they will reintroduce their 10-Year-Old offering by 2020 – so now would be an opportune time to stock up while you still can! Jan of Best Shot Whisky, Uncle Tobys & Andre from Whisky Fun, Jim Murray, Serge from Whisky Fun/TOModera on Reddit & Martin from Quebec Whisky all recommend the Yoichi 10-Year-Old as one of their top choices – making this versatile whisky an easy drink at cocktail parties, dinners or any time you choose to share it. It will impress all who try it and it can only do nothing but impress others around you.

Hakushu 18-Year-Old

Hakushu 18 Year Single Malt by Suntory has garnered many accolades over time and is well known for its delicate yet complex flavor profile, aged in a mix of American, Spanish, and Mizunara oak casks, offering it its distinctive character and distinct taste profile – this whisky offers more peatiness compared to some Suntory whiskies while remaining smooth and balanced overall.

Premium whisky will delight those who appreciate subtle smoke with fruit notes, including citrus, apples, and oranges on the nose as well as brine notes on its smooth and delicious palate; honey-drenched dried fruit combined with vanilla flavor is particularly appealing.

Hakushu 18 offers light smoke, minty notes, and an inviting salted breeze in its finish, making this whisky more suitable for people who appreciate lighter whiskies such as Yamazaki 18.

Suntory takes great pride in selecting only premium ingredients for its whiskies, evident by every sip they produce. Suntory utilizes Ojira River water from Hakushu’s purest streams as well as multiple barley varieties from throughout Japan to craft different flavor profiles in each sip of Hakushu whisky produced. This area boasts ideal conditions for creating whisky production!

Hakushu whisky’s growing popularity can also be attributed to its more affordable pricing compared to Yamazaki’s 18-Year-Old whisky, making it ideal for those seeking an introduction to Japanese whisky but on a tight budget.

There has been speculation that Hakushu’s price may decrease over time, although any decrease will not be drastic; its demand will remain strong due to being such an iconic whisky. Luckily there are numerous good quality, low-cost Scotch whiskies with similar or identical flavor profiles that offer similar savings opportunities.

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