These 5 IPAs will help you find the right hoppy and bold brew for your taste buds

Few beers can offer the same level of enjoyment and refreshing refreshment as an IPA. Finding the perfect option can be difficult with all of the options available. We explore a variety of IPAs before revealing which might provide greater satisfaction and enjoyment than others.

Define an India Pale Ale, a beer style from England that dates back to the early 1800s. The higher the hop content, the more bitter and floral it tastes.

The American IPA has become one of the best-loved varieties. The beer has a strong aroma and flavor of citrus and pine with a high hopnosis content. Stone IPA, Lagunitas IPA, and Sierra Nevada Torpedo are some examples.

New England IPA is a popular IPA. The New England IPA is a popular IPA beer that has a cloudy appearance, a tropical flavor, and less bitterness than most other IPAs.

English IPAs are a great option for beer lovers who like a classic malty taste. They tend to have fewer hops and rely on toasted notes or caramel for realism. Fuller’s ESB is a great English IPA option. Also, Samuel Smith India Ale and Greene King IPA are great options.

Let’s now consider Imperial IPA or Double IPA. They are characterized by high alcohol and intense flavor of hops. These beers can also have strong aromas, such as Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elder and Dogfish Head’s 90-Minute IPA.

Let’s now consider Imperial IPA or Double IPA. They are characterized by high alcohol and intense flavor of hops. These beers can also have strong aromas, such as Russian River Brewing Pliny the Elder and Dogfish Head’s 90-Minute IPA.

Top 5 Best IPAs

Consumer feedback and expert ratings: We have selected the top five IPAs available today, based on both consumer and expert opinions.

  • Pliny’s Elder, brewed by Russian River Brewing Company, has received a 100-point rating on Beer Advocate. A balanced malt and strong hop profile with grapefruit and fir notes.
  • Heady Topper – The Alchemist: This New England-style IPA earned a rating of 100, which is unmatched on RateBeer. It has been praised for its tropical, juicy notes of passionfruit and mango.
  • Tree House Brewing Company’s Julius: Another highly acclaimed New England-style IPA, Julius has a rating of A from Beer Advocate. It boasts smooth textures with fruity flavors such as peach and apricot. As one of today’s highest-scoring New England-style beers, it delivers!
  • Stone IPA by Stone Brewing: This classic American IPA has a 94 Beer Advocate rating and boasts a powerful hop flavor, with hints of grapefruit, pine needles, and sourness.
  • Two Hearted Ale by Bell’s Brewery has a 97% rating from Beer Advocate. It features citrusy notes and pine with a subtly sweet finish. This American IPA is a great experience.

It’s important to try different IPAs to find your favorite.

Types of IPAs

American IPA

American IPA styles are a result of the US. They have high alcohol content and a hoppy aroma. The beer has pronounced bitter tastes, varying from light to medium body and fruity hop notes. This style is offered by many breweries with alcohol levels ranging from 6-7.5%, sometimes even up to 10%.


New England IPA

New England IPA is known for its hazy look and its soft taste. This style of beer is often found in Northeastern United States Breweries. It’s known for its citrus citrusy notes and vibrant notes of tropical fruits. New England IPAs are typically between 5 and 8% ABV. This style is a favorite among craft beer lovers! Many breweries around the world offer it.


English IPA

English India Pale Ale is a beer style that dates back to England’s 19th century. It is distinguished by its intense flavor and bitterness, as well as its high alcohol content. This beer is brewed with traditional English hops and specialty malts to deliver floral, herbal, and earthy characteristics. It has a medium-bodied body with earthy notes. English IPAs are still very popular and have a great history, even though they’re not as widely available or common today.


Double IPA

Double India Pale Ale, also known as Imperial IPA is a more intense version of the traditional India Pale Ales. The beers are a blend of citrusy and piney flavors with a 7.5%-10% alcohol level. Double IPAs with a medium to full body have become increasingly popular among beer lovers who are eager to try new styles.


How to Serve and Pair IPAs

Serving Temperature

Pour a better taste and aroma, and serve beer at a temperature that is not too hot. IPAs tend to be best when served slightly chilled, but not too cold.

  • American IPAs are best served at 45-50degF (7-10degC). The temperature of the beer allows for its delicate aromas and tastes to be brought out without being overpowered by coldness.
  • New England IPAs should, however, be served at 50-55degF (between 10-13degC). Bring out the juicy fruit flavors.
  • English IPAs, Double IPAs, and other IPAs are best served at 50-55 degrees F (10-13 degrees C). It allows the malt flavors and hops to develop fully.

You should experiment with different temperatures to find the one that best suits your personal taste.


The glassware you use to serve IPA has a significant impact on your drinking experience. Here are some common types of glassware:

  1. The Tulip glass is a style that features a large bowl with a slender top. It helps to capture the aroma of beer and it’s often used when serving strong IPAs and double ales.
  2. Its straight, simple design makes it easy to drink from.
  3. This glassware style is commonly used to serve Double IPAs, strong beer, and other beers.
  4. Breweries are now creating specialty glasses to maximize and highlight the flavor and aroma of IPA beers. These glasses usually have narrow tops and curved shapes that concentrate the fragrances in concentrated areas. The IPA glass can enhance the aroma as well as the flavor of the beer.

Selecting the right glassware will enhance your experience when drinking an IPA. It can increase its taste and aroma.

Food Pairings

Here are some of the most common food pairings that IPA is recommended with:

  • Spice Foods: IPAs‘ bitterness and hop flavor pair well with spicy food such as Thai curries, Indian biryanis, or Mexican tacos.
  • Grilled meats: IPA’s robust flavor pairs beautifully with foods like steak, burgers, and barbecue.
  • Strong cheeses: IPA can match up to strong cheeses such as cheddar, blue, or gouda cheeses without losing flavor or being overpowered.
  • Fried Food: IPA’s bitterness is a great complement to heavily-seasoned fried foods such as onion rings, fish and chips, or chicken wings.
  • Some IPAs have citrusy hop flavors that pair well with foods like lemon and citrus, such as ceviche or grilled shrimp with lemon.
  • Spicy Sushi Rolls – IPA is a great way to add bold flavors when paired with sushi that includes spicy tuna or wasabi.

Its hoppy and bold flavors allow it to be paired with a wide variety of meals, making it a great accompaniment.

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